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You may recognise this type of embroidery from your Grandma's home in the 60s, but now it is back! Well, actually it never really left. Bargello is a truly unique form of embroidery as there are both specific stitches and patterns required to make Bargello, Bargello.

During this Bargello online class you will be introduced to the typical 'Vertical' stitch used throughout all Bargello, and then you'll get your head around the geometric patterns which are also characteristic of Bargello. You'll be stitching in no time with all your virtual class attendees. Bargello can be used on normal fabric-like needlepoint fabric but we're using sturdy plastic canvas so that you can turn your Bargello design into a coaster or a contemporary mini wall hanging!  
1 hours
Do I Need to Have Anything Ready for the Class:
During the lesson you'll start your coaster which you can turn into a mini wall hanging if you wanted to. You will receive everything you need to make your coaster or wall hanging. Please note that we may not be able to give you the colour yarn that is in the product pictures.

Our price for this online workshop includes postage and packaging as well as kit containing:

Canvas for the Coaster or Wall Hanging Enough wool to make a Wall Hanging (if you choose to turn it into one) tapestry needle  

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