ONLINE Latch Hook Wall Hanging with Tea and Crafting

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About This Class:

Do you remember those latch hook rug kits you may have created as a child? It was a craft that was commonly used to make rugs, cushions and other soft furnishings (years ago), it's similar to weaving but its not weaving and its taking over people's Pinterest boards! We've added our contemporary spin to it and teaching you how to create a wall hanging with these craft skills! 

During this online session you'll learn all about the tools and materials needed as well as how to latch hook and how different yarns can create different effects and movement to your one of a kind wall hanging. The possibilities are endless.

This relaxing workshop is perfect for those who just fancy trying latch hook and creating something colourful for their home, as well as those who may want to experiment with different textures, colours and patterns. During the session we'll discuss how to transfer a design (we will give you a design if you prefer so no need to prepare anything) onto the canvas as well as how to achieve different textures just using yarn. The workshop will end with a demonstration on how to attach a wooden rod to your wall hanging and how to protect the edges from fraying. A full recording will be sent everyone a few hours after the workshop. 

All levels
1 hour 
What do I get:
You will receive:
  • Your canvas (30x25cm)
  • Practice canvas so you can experiment!
  • A lovely sustainable wooden latch hook tool
  • Selection of yarn
  • A wooden dowel
  • A full recording of the workshop once its ended as well as a pre-recording downloadable video on how to attach your wooden dowel so you can hang your wall hanging with pride. 

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