Gender Reveal Parties

It's almost time to see, what will be? A bouncing he or a little she?

We love throwing crafty Baby Showers to celebrate all things tiny. But have you ever thought about throwing a Gender Reveal Party?
We know that some people want to keep the baby's gender a secret but if you have found out the gender and want to have baby shower with a twist then why not let us host a Baby Gender Reveal Party for you! 

It's one of our crafty Baby Shower's with a little twist, you keep the gender TOP SECRET until the Baby Shower. Let us know the gender and we will get in a special balloon that the mummy will pop. Confetti in either blue or pink revealing the baby's gender will explode out of the balloon. We'll also take a quick poll before the reveal so we can see who got it right and who got it wrong! 
Our Top Tip: Why not film the balloon popping to post to your family and friends who couldn't the Gender Reveal Party?
Absolutely, its a crafty Baby Shower after all. You choose the craft activity you would like to do during your Baby Shower and we will host the rest of the event for you. Don't forget all our Baby Showers also include a "Who Knows Mummy Best" quiz that each guest receives upon arrival. 

We offer pretty Gender Reveal Invitations for you too FREE of charge!

All our Crafty Gender Reveal Parties include unlimited tea, coffee and we always have plenty of cupcakes on offer at every party. Get in touch with us if you would like more information on our Crafty Gender Reveal Parties.