Bead and Sequin Embroidery - Learn how to Embroider an Ice-Cream Brooch

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About This Class:

Ever wanted to try adding new materials to your embroidery, but were afraid it might be too hard? It's really not! 

During this workshop, you'll be introduced to the world of fun bead and sequin embroidery and learn all of the basic techniques you need to make this stunning ice cream brooch.

Our resident sequin expert, Daria, will take you through each stitch you'll need to complete the piece, as well as how to finish it off (you will need to do this at home). This is a great project to introduce yourself to sparkly beaded embroidery, or perhaps you already know how to embroider but are looking to stretch your skills! This workshop will help you learn the basic steps and stitches, and with a little bit of practice you will be able to create any design you want.

Your embroidered ice cream will eventually come off your hoop(if you want it to) and you will have the option to turn it into a brooch so you can show it off wherever you go, and trust us, you'll want to make more.

We aim it for beginners, but you will need time and patience. Don't worry, we've got you covered with tea, coffee and cake!
2 hours
Do I Need to Bring Anything:
No, you don't, we'll provide you absolutely everything you'll need to complete this craft including felt, sequins, beads, needle, thread and a hoop. 

All our workshops include unlimited tea, coffee and we always have plenty of cake on offer at every workshop and vegan friendly biscuits. If you require gluten free sweet treats please let us know!