ONLINE Beginners Knitting - Knit your own Winter Headband

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It's no secret that knitting in Winter is one of our favourite things to do and now we have the perfect beginners knit project for you: Knit your own Winter Headband. These headbands are perfect for those days where it's not quite cold enough for a super chunky hat, but you can still feel a chill in the air (plus you can keep your hair in a ponytail all day long!)

After our knitting session you'll feel like a pro; you’ll have learned all the basics including knit stitch, how to cast on and cast off, and then we will show you how to sew together your headband so it has that perfect twist right at the front. 

Complete Beginners


2 hours

What Do I Receive:
- 100% pure wool 
- A pair of knitting needles
- A tapestry needle
- Your handout
- Teapigs tea temple
- Cotton drawstring bag to hold all your crafty bits

Please note if you are very keen for a specific colour do let us know and we can try our best to get it for you (does not to be a colour from the image).