Make your own set of Resin Crochet Hooks

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Learn the basics of resin and create an amazing set of crochet hooks for your to keep forever and ever and ever!
Our tutor is a resin expert who sells her own line of resin jewellery. The session will start with an intro into the different types of resins that are on the market and she will talk you through the properties of the resin that you will be using in this resin crochet hook workshop.

You will then move onto how to correctly mix the resin add all those personal embellishments that make your hooks totally original. Then the exciting bit starts and you begin pouring your resin into the moulds. Once the moulds are filled you will be talked through how to finish them off at home. Please note that because your crochet hooks won't be able to be moved for a couple of days we will keep them safe and then post them out to you along with the moulds too so you can make more and more hooks at home for friends and family or just to replace those hooks when they go missing! You know what I mean right?

This workshop is perfect for any crocheter or wannabe-crocheter looking to make their hooks match their own personal style! Or maybe you would like to start your own business? They would also make great gifts for crocheters, so even if you don't crochet yourself you can still enjoy all the fun that this workshop brings.  
Absolutely anyone - whether you crochet or not! 

2 hours

What Do I Get In the Session:
  • A full set of crochet moulds for you to keep forever (sizes 2mm to 10mm)
  • Resin
  • Professional grade colour pigment in blue
  • Glitter in silver, purple, orange, pink and green.
  • Assorted sequins (stars, gold, pink)
  • Polishing materials for you to use once your hooks have set
  • A pair of gloves to use while handling the resin
  • All other tools you will need including a pot and mixing utensils
Do I need to bring anything?
For health and safety reasons we ask you to wear a face mask when mixing and pouring the resin.