ONLINE Halloween Kids Craft Party!

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About This Class:

Instead of Trick-Or-Treating this year, why not join us for a pre-Halloween evening of super spooky slime creating and positively petrifying wooden puppet making? Sounds amazing right... well put on your scariest outfit and we'll see you on Zoom for quarentine-o-ween! 

If you would like to arrange a private Halloween party please get in touch via email here and we'll get back to you!

We will send you a jam-packed crafting box just FULL of just treats (no tricks, we promise). Then we will show you and your little one how to create that perfect slime, a recipe and technique we've perfected over the years, that's guaranteed to cause a few scares this year, as well as a hand puppet that will be the perfect sidekick to any ghost story you want to tell. And we've included a bonus halloween craft activity. 

Who can join:
Anyone and their little one looking for an afternoon of Halloween fun!
1 hour 
What Do I Get When I Book:
We will send you everything you need, including a little bag of pre-packaged sweets. We encourage you to dress up! Children under 7 may need the help of an adult to make the slime and tying the marionette strings.  

For sibling Tickets enter QUARENTINE-O-WEEN2 to get £5 off for 2 tickets or  QUARENTINE-O-WEEN3 to get £8 off for 3 tickets  QUARENTINE-O-WEEN4 to get £12 off