ONLINE Beyond Beginners Knitting: Learn how to Read Patterns

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Two classes in one you lucky things! It’s not homeschooling and we know you’re here for fun, so even when we’re talking baffling-sounding terms like “K2tog”, “psso” and “yf” the aim is still to teach you the lingo in a chilled environment - in fact, right from your home! You’ll then move onto cable stitching for the last part of this online class.

So if you still read ‘M1’ and think of the morning rush hour, this is the perfect opportunity to learn to follow knitting patterns yourself. Once you’ve mastered the basics of cable stitch, pattern reading and how to choose yarn and needles, the possibilities are endless!
You must know how to knit before you come to this class.
1.5 hours
What do I need for the class
We ask you to have 16 stitches cast on with a few rows completed in stockinette stitch, we will send you the handout and a cable needle by post to keep forever! You will also get a recording of the workshop to keep and refer to whenever you need.