ONLINE Festive Tie Dye Stockings AND T-Shirt

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Tie Dye has been everywhere this year and we have no plans on stopping anytime soon...

You will learn all our top tips from years of tie-dying and tricks on how to turn one white stocking into a super colourful, Santa approved tie-dye stocking and a T-Shirt as well. 

With our guidance in this online workshop you'll be tie-dying everything in no time!

During the session you'll learn many ways on how to fold your items to create that distinctive tie dye look, you'll also learn our tried and tested formula for mixing the dye to create those beautiful and vibrant shades and patterns as well as some super useful tricks! 

1 hour
What I Receive:
  • Cotton Christmas Stocking
  • Cotton T-Shirt
  • Tie Dye in 3 colours
  • Plastic bag to wrap your your items - we try our best to be kind to the environment so please keep the plastic bag
  • Elastic bands for more tie-dying adventures - they are both totally reusable! 

Also feel free to add a pair of white socks/undies to dye too and some extra items to use up all the dye in the session with different designs.