Rag Rug Tote Bags - Learn Rag Rugging for Beginners

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Who would have thought torn up old rags woven into strong fabric could create a stunning rag rugged Tote Bag! Well here at Tea & Crafting we hate to throw anything away so this craft is just up our street. Try it you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create something delightful for your home.

Have fun turning old t-shirts and forgotten favourites into recycled works of art with the age-old skill of rag rugging. In this rag rug class you will learn all the skills you need to be able to make unique rag rugging art to spice up your life. Careful though, it’s addictive!

In this workshop you will have the chance to start a personalised rag rug shopping bag (during the months of November and December we make Rag Rug Christmas Wreathes click here for that workshop) learning along the way:
- What the rag rug tools are and how to use them
- Selecting and Preparing Materials for rag rugging
- Loopy rag rugging
- Shaggy rag rugging

You will be provided with the materials necessary to complete your piece but as the charm of rag rugging is often in the memories attached to old clothes, we’d love for you to bring along any of your own clothing you’d like to incorporate, particularly if you have a specific colour scheme in mind.

All levels
2.5 hours
Do I Need to Bring Anything:
All you need to complete your project, including a latch hook to continue the craft at home and make many more Rag Rug projects.

All our workshops include unlimited tea, coffee and we always have plenty of cake on offer at every workshop and vegan friendly biscuits. If you require gluten free sweet treats please let us know!