Crikey where has the time gone?

Well the last time I blogged it was over a month ago… time has flown by so quickly! 
During this time I was away on my honeymoom in Argentina and I cannot describe what a beautiful and amazingly colourful and creative country it is. I loved every city / town we went to and wish we had just taken 6 months off work to travel the country. At no point were we ever bored! I have also been doing my own crafting and I’ll update you on my projects soon.
I had no idea how creative and crafty the Argentines are. I was really in for a huge suprise (as was my poor husband when I had to drag him round stalls and crafty shops! ha ha). But it was difficult to not stop and just appreiciate some of the craft. As you probably already know Argentina is well know for its yarn as well – a blog post on this to follow tomorrow. 
So here are some photos of my crafty honeymoon snaps – I guarentee you’ll be 100% inspired after seeing them.
Above: crochet circles sewn on a cushion. Neat!!
Above: Barbie doll crochet outfits – amazing! There was even a tango outfit!
Above: A flower brooch made from a glove – I’m going to try this one day.
Above: Vintage buttons
Above: Bright painted walls
Above: Lampshade made from suffolk puffs – genius!!
Above: Crochet cactus
Above: Crochet lampshades using t-shirt yarn
Above: These monster dolls were everywhere!
Above: Crochet flower
Above: Cute hairbands using puff balls and suffulk puffs
Above: Paper art! Amazing
Above: In Palermo Soho – crochet on the trees!
Above: Cute phone covers
Above: Crochet circles stuck on earrings discs
Above: Woolly hats
Above: Crochet puff cushion
Above: Outside a building – must have been some sort of craft / design studio

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