Corporate Craft Events & Workshops

You’ve got your team and they’re brilliant! Now you want to thank them for all their hard work and treat them to a crafty workshop to get their creative juices flowing and invigorated for when they are back in the office. Or perhaps you would like a unique team building experience to get them working together on something crafty that’s different from their day to day in the office.


We offer corporate craft workshops and team building days, as well as promotional and blogger events. You can either choose from one of our craft workshops or we can design a tailored programme for your event aimed at achieving your specifics outcomes; be that group interaction, fun and relaxation, product or brand visibility and exposure. We can help put a crafty spin on it, just drop us an email here.


If you are a brand that is eager to get noticed and have people blog about your products? If so then one of our tailored blogger events could be an ideal way to do this. We also follow these events up with blog posting, and offer marketing of the event on our social channels to help gain maximum exposure. Contact us for more information.

An event can last between 2-3 hours depending on the size of the group.

Examples of past activities have included; making balloon characters and shapes, lampshade making, making espadrilles, communal bunting for office spaces, screen printing, jewellery making, ceramic painting, making customised bedside table lamps with plastic toys, embroidery and weaving, memo boards to name just a few.