Staying Safe during Covid-19

How we are keeping our customers safe during Covid-19 Room Hygiene

We have a strict cleaning procedure that tutors adhere to prior to each workshop.

The tables will all be cleaned and door phone entry wiped down as with all other common touch points in the room before your arrival with alcohol wipes / spray.

Hand Sanitisers 

Your tutor will ask everyone to sanitise their hands upon arrive. We have set up a non-touch hand sanitiser station to use as soon as you enter the workshop space. There is also a toilet you can go to, to wash your hands.

Hand sanitiser and wipes will be available for each person to use on their table (bottles will not be shared during the workshop). Please feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

Alcohol spray or gel will be available in our bathroom for you to use. Paper towels are also provided for you to use.

Social Distancing and Camera + Screen

To enhance your experience we have installed a large TV screen and camera set up so you can see what your tutor is doing close up and have the advantage of being in a live workshop at the same time. 

Social Distancing and Ventilation

We have seated customers 2m apart for crafters sitting side by side. This is marked with blue tape on the floor. Any face to face seating is kept at a social distance of just over 3m apart

The room is kept well ventilated with both the window and door being open to encourage dual air flow through the room. In the case of bad weather the main door can remain open without affecting your level of comfort, to still allow a flow of air into and out of the venue.

At the moment air con will not be available, this does mean too that if it's a chilly day the room may not be as warm so perhaps bring a cardigan or jumper if you feel the cold the day of your booking.

Face Coverings

It is now compulsory for face coverings to be worn at all times within an enclosed indoor space. This is applicable to your workshop. 

You tutor will be doing the same. 

We will be selling face masks and visors for £1.50 (which may be more comfortable for our guests who wear glasses or who prefer a visor over a mask. 

Seating Plan and Materials 

Depending on the class we could have a seating plan in place to avoid moving around the room. We will inform you of this upon your arrive. We will also have pre-prepared craft kits ready for each person to avoid sharing items such as wool, fabrics etc.

Support Bubbles & Group Bookings

If you are friends who have booked separately and would like to sit next to each other, please let us know here here.

In the case that any of you are in a support bubble also let us know so we can seat you together.