Jane Gois Tea and Crafting Central London Workshops

Hey there! I'm Jane, and I am totally nuts about crafting. I've tried my hand at just about every craft you can think of (and continue trying), and I absolutely love sharing my passion with others. That's why I started Tea & Crafting back in 2009 - I wanted to make it easy and affordable for people to learn new crafts without having to commit to long 6 week courses and cost in the hundreds. 

I'm a firm believer that anyone can learn to craft, and the benefits to well-being are truly incredible. To help spread the joy of crafting, I've put together a team of expert crafters who are just as passionate as I am! It's hard to believe that it's already been eight years since we started, but looking back, I'm so proud of everything we've achieved.

Our beginner's classes are the perfect way to get started on your crafting journey! We'll teach you all the basics, so that if you want to take your skills to the next level at home with some of our videos and your own practice, you absolutely can!

But if you'd rather keep coming to classes, no problem at all - I've got you covered, fellow crafty soul! I've put together a whole variety of drop-in classes that are designed to help you develop your skills, and you'll always leave with a new crafty item that you've made yourself. You'll be inspired and entertained every step of the way! By the way we give you cake at each and every workshop! And we're vegan friendly and gluten friendly too - we always have vegan and gluten free alternative treats if you prefer. I told you we have you covered!

As a team we host many hen parties, baby showers, corporate events and afternoon tea birthday parties for friends that want to get together and learn to craft in a lovely, tranquil and crafty setting in Covent Garden. A workshop will often cost you less than a night and all the materials are included in the price including cake (which we love so much!) so you simply turn up ready to be inspired and learn a new craft.

You will leave the workshop with a new skill under your belt and a beautiful item created by you. Workshops are conveniently located in central London just 5-7 minutes from Covent Garden, Leicester Square or Charing Cross stations. The majority of classes are suitable for complete beginners and limited to six to eight people only per class so book soon to avoid disappointment.