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Last month Tea & Crafting hosted a super fun filled craft day with DryNites and the lovely Tamara Melvin who you will remember as one of the 3 finalists in this year’s Great British Sewing Bee. Working with DryNites, Tamara is helping parents through the bed wetting stage of their child’s development, which I learnt affects 600,000 children every year (so I wont be discouraged if this happens with Joshua). Tamara won the nations heart when she appeared on the GBSB and that effect is multiplied even more so when you meet this incredibly crafty (not just with sewing) and inspiring woman.

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Tamara Melvin Introducing the Event

Joshua is just about potty trained now (day time only) so this event was rather timely for me personally as well as I got lots of advice from Emma Kenny who is a child psychologist and bed wetting expert (also a mum of two!) who also attended the event and crafted along with the other mums. I have actually gone against most of the stuff I read about potty training, as in I have mixed nappies and pants (which I read was a big no-no but it suited me at the time to do it this way) and also I have to admit he wasn’t 100% ready but showed all the signs that he could be trained, and Emma reassured me this could work too and you know what I am pleased I persevered because it has worked and this week armed with my portable potty wherever I go (and 2 spare changes of clothing), Joshua is totally nappy free (apart from sleeping) and so far so good (but don’t let me jinx this!). I’m feeling very prepared now for night-time training but one thing at a time as they say. Thanks to Drynites, I have my pull-up grown up pyjama pants at the ready. Emma made a really good point about once children are potty trained during the day why put them in nappies at night, when there are more age appropriate products such as pull-ups for example to make them feel more grown up? Ultimately that’s what our little ones are doing – growing up!

Drynites Product Range on Display

Drynites Product Range on Display

In preparation for the day I did a bit of crafting myself and made these lovely name tags for all our bloggers as well as pimping up these old bowls I had at home  – what do you think? I made 4 of them in the end to hold all our ribbon, elastic and other odds and ends.


Our day consisted of two crafty activities based around children’s bedrooms and upcycling; as you all know that is what Tamara’s ethos is all about as she is also known as The Green Thimble  i.e. resew, reuse and recycle! Tamara’s lovely dress you can see in the photos was sewn by her and consisted of bag handles (the straps) and shoe laces (the tie back) nothing gets chucked in her household.

So over a few cups of tea, fresh fruit and pastries we set about making these cute lamps using childrens toys that they love (but can part with of course!). So when your little one wakes up they can switch on their fun lamp to guide them to the toilet. Isn’t that just so sweet? This is definitely a project you can craft with your little ones too. I particularly loved the Scooby Doo characters!!

Scooby Doo Toys for the Lamps

Scooby Doo Toys for the Lamps

Corporate Craft Events London - for DryNites with Tamara Melvin

Painting the lamp and toys


 Scooby Doo Lamp Drying     Dinosaurs & Blueberries     Drying Lamps & Toys

In the afternoon we made these lovely memo boards using old duvets or pillowcases that our mums brought in. Again, recycling anything not used but dearly loved. This was a quick project and intended for the kids’ bedrooms to hold lovely photos or mementos of fun days out.

     Memo Board 1     Memo Boards

     Corporate Craft Events London - for DryNites with Tamara Melvin     Corporate Craft Events London - for DryNites with Tamara Melvin

Of course it was then time for more cake this time beautiful cupcakes from Beas of Bloomsbury – aren’t they lovely?

     They look too good to eat!      DryNites Cupcakes Close Up

Coupled with a few glasses of fizz before everyone left on their way with a goodie bag from DryNites, a little craft kit from us (see this post on one of our kits all made up) and their lamps and memo boards. I know these mums had a lovely child-free craft intensive day out and I thoroughly enjoyed helping Tamara host the event.

Drynites Goody Bags

Drynites Goody Bags – Goodies for Mum and Child

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