Fingerless Mittens

And so just as I was about to blog aobut my mittens it actually make me think … does anyone out there have any unfinished projects on the go? So I decided to write a Facebook poll … click here to answer the question.

And so it is at this stage of the day I take a small break from analysing the results of my dissertation research for some urgent tasks such as blogging and 5 rows of my granny stripe blanket …

A friend of mine suggested this pattern from Ravelry (if anyone is not signed up to Ravelry you’ve got to do it now its one of the best global knitting and crochet communities) and if you remember my post last year on my fun wool dying evening with Martina then this is the project I finally decided to use my yarn on. So far the results are really stunning. 

The pattern is really easy to follow actually. I love the effect with the colour changing all the time. 

See my WIP (work in progress) this is project number 5 of 5 WIPs! 

What do you all think?

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