Little French Beret for a cute little girl!

Well I have finished this cute little beret for my 5 year old cousin! I used circular needles which I had actually never tried before so that was interesting . . . once you get the hang of it its so easy though! No seam to sew its like magic! This is what it looks like while you are knitting. I adapted a pattern I found on the internet to make something smaller and bit more beret than a beanie hat.

I used Debbie Bliss Soho Yarn in Wine which I bought from John Lewis (does everyone else end up spending a fortune in there on wool??). I finished the beret in one night (one night doesn’t mean 2 hours it did take about 3.5 hours from start to finish). I love the finished product and so I have decided to post the pattern for anyone else who would like to give it a go!

The colour did not come out very well on this photo – the true colour is more like the first photo.
Cute French Beret Pattern
You will need:
1 pair of 40cm 5.5mm circular knitting needles
1 pair of 40cm 6.5mm circular knitting needles
1 ball of wool (50g was enough for this hat) I used Debbie Bliss Soho yarn in Wine.

Cast on 60 stitches with the 5.5mm needles, place a stitch marker after the 60th stitch so you always know where your first line begins.
Work in rib stitch for about 4cm. Rib Stitch is plain 1 purl 1 and so forth. Making sure that you get the rib effect and are knitting a plain stitch where you knitted a purl the row before.
Now you are ready to make the body of the hat. You will need to increase one stitch into every second stitch so knit one stitch then in the next stitch knit into the front of the stitch then into the back of the stitch (so basically you knit the stitch but don’t drop the stitch until you have knitting into the back of the stitch. You should now have 90 stitches.
Change to your larger needles, 6.5mm and continue in knit stitch until your work measures 6.5cm.
At this stage we are now ready to start decreasing. Do this by knitting 4 stitches then knitting 2 together continue to the end of the row and continue to follow this pattern until you are left with 20 stitches.
Cut the yarn so there is about 10cm left from the needle. Thead the yarn through a large needle and thread this through the remaining stitches and pull it tight.

And that is it – you should now have a lovely beret for someone! You can adapt this to fit an adult, either case on more stitches or get larger needles and chunkier wool. Rowan do a lovely collection of chunky wool called Big Wool and you can use 10 or 15mm needles with this wool.

Caution: If you do go for chunky wool like the one above and use larger needles I would use the same pattern in just maybe make the body of the beret longer than 6.5cm.

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