The Knitting & Stitching Show – Alexander Palace

This weekend I went to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Alexander Palace. I went in there empty handed, came out all spent with three bags full of “stuff” – stuff I really needed of course. One day I am sure I will open the door to my flat and balls of wool and crafts will just spill out! Apart from  some great knitting bargains, I also picked up some great ideas and came across some novel knitting techniques.

It seems that knitting with large needles is not so alien and forget about trying to break world records it seems quite normal. I came across three big knitting stalls! The knitting needles measured from 400mm to 1.2m in length and you can knit yourself a rug in a weekend.
I made a rather strange and brightly coloured rosette whilst at the Knitting Show at the Bliss stall for a small donation, and came across their World Record Blanket Challenge and wanted to share this with you. They are looking for knitters of all levels to help knit an Olympic sized blanket for 2012.
Hope you all enjoy your week – its National Knitting Week!   It seems that knitting has become an art in itself – look carefully at this sailboat . . . . created by over 350 knitters. I was really impressed.

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