Easy Crochet Men’s Scarf

Brrrr is getting colder here in London!! Its definitely time to get scarves and gloves out. I do love wearing warm soft scarves around my neck and so does my husband!! Big yay for that because I love making him a scarf each year, they’re always good projects to have on the go and quick to finish. This year I crocheted a lovely rib effect scarf. It took me a few hours only and in fact I had to make myself slow down as it grew incredibly quickly and I really enjoyed this stitch. There was something quite meditative about this lovely crochet stitch that looks so similar to the knitted fishermans rib but so much easier than faffing with 1 knit and 1 purl. If you want to hand make a present this should be on your list guys!

Keep reading for a quick and easy tutorial on how to crochet this lovely man’s scarf (although it doesn’t have to be a man’s scarf!).

Easy to Crochet Men's Scarf


Easy to Crochet Men's Scarf


Easy to Crochet Men's ScarfThis pattern uses a stitch referred to as the half double crochet in the 3rd loop (US terms). In the UK it would the half treble crochet in the 3rd loop, and really that is how to crochet this, you crochet into the 3rd loop that is created with half double crochet (UK – half rebel crochet). Lets have a look at what I mean by this 3rd loop

Easy to Crochet Men's ScarfSo your hook goes into this 3rd loop when doing the hdc (US half double crochet). See what I mean in the photo below. I have done my yarn over (I’ve doubled up on my yarn for this scarf which is why you will see two lots of yarn close together – more on this further down the post), and gone into the 3rd loop. All I need to do next is is finish the hdc stitch and that is all there is to it. So read on for the super simple pattern.

Easy to Crochet Men's ScarfPattern:

150g Chunky Yarn

(I used 2 balls of Wendy Cairn in Breeze which is a great colour / texture when crocheted. I bought the mustard and cream in this line too as the wool is really lovely to crochet with and feels quite soft around your neck. I used about ¾ of each ball).

6mm crochet hook

I started with a hdc chainless foundation row. It was the first time I ever did this and boy is this life changing, no more pesky chains to crochet into for your first round. Look for a YouTube tutorial on this and give it a go, once you’re into the rhythm  of it its pretty simple. Just keep going until you get to your desired length, I think mine was just over 200 stitches.

Easy to Crochet Men's Scarf

The next round is pretty simple, 3ch and then start doing your hdc (US – remember its htc in the UK) into the 3rd / back loop.

Finish when your scarf is the width and thickness you would like it to be.

And thats all folks! Start hooking now!

Note about the yarn: I love using two strands of yarn at the same time to create a chunkier item with the added bonus it all crochets up even quicker. It just depends what I have in my stash, there are lots of lovely chunky yarns out there some quite reasonable too but if I have 2 balls of the same yarn I may as well use something from my stash!

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