Easy to Make Baby Towel

As I had some left over material from Joshua’s nursery (I used the Vintage Plane print – Cath Kidston) and for some reason about 2 metres of towelling material in my stash (no idea why) I decided to make a baby bath towel to match the nursery. 

Making it was very easy. 

What you will need: 

Towel fabric – size determined by you 
Patterned fabric – size determined by the measurement of the towel.
Bias binding – enough for the perimeter of the towel plus the long edge of the hood.

1) wash both the fabric for the hood and the towelling material. Do this so that any shrinkage occurs before you sew and also the towelling fabric needs a wash before it can properly absorb the water after a bath (don’t you hate it when towels simply re-distribute the water on your skin and don’t dry you – this action should prevent this from happening). 

2) Cut a square piece of towelling material and a matching corner part that fits over the square (this will be the hood of the towel). I have tried to show this roughly below (although the corner piece is already completed).

3) Cut the fabric you have chosen to match the size of the triangle towelling material. Sew 1/4″ seam to secure fabric to the towelling material. I didn’t have enough fabric for the complete hood so the tip of the hood is in a plain white fabric and then I sewed a trim between the two fabrics. 


4) Next you will need to sew the bias binding along the long edge of the hood. I choose a white binding for the towel but it would also look pretty with contrasting bias binding to match one of the colours I had on the fabric. I just used what I had at home. You can see the bias binding below. 


5) Pin the hood in place to the towel and sew the bias binding in place along the towel – paying attention to the hood part to get both pieces of fabric sewn into binding. 

6) You’re done. If this is a gift you can present it rolled into a tube with a ribbon keeping it closed. As I had some fabric left over I appliquéd some of the planes to the towel. 

This took me no longer than 1.5 hours in total including the appliqué. A fun crafting session for an afternoon with something completed at the end. 


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