Fabric Flowers

I have always wanted to make these fabric flowers mainly because they look so well made and I keep reading how simple they are to make. Best of all it means I finally start to use up my scraps of material that I cannot bring myself to throw away.

So while my little man is playing on his mat – hitting a toy that then proceeds to play out the same tune over and over again (and over and over again) I remain blissfully unstressed by it as I am rolling fabric into pretty flowers. 

The tutorial I used is this lovely one by “my sparkle” her blog is awesome, bright and colourful and vivid photos. The tutorial for the rolled fabric flowers can be found here

This is so easy and these fabric flowers can be used on so many things these are a few I could think of: 
– hats
– bracelets
– jackets
– small ones as earrings 
– alice band
– you could refresh an old jacket and use small flowers down the sides of the collars for example
– shoes

Here is my fabric flower 20 minutes later. 

And that is where I will leave it today as my little man needs my attention. 

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