HTML Tutorial – A New Workshop? Definitely NOT!

Well I thought I should learn how to use the software to update the website so that I could do all the changes myself instead of asking (and paying) web designers to do it instead.

What a nightmare it has been though – does this look interesting to you?

If you thought it was hard learning how to knit, double crochet or even treble crochet I have stumbled upon something even more challenging. I am slowly getting the hang of it, mind you, all I am getting the hang of is the editting side, I think I would slowly go insane trying to learn how to create a website from scratch. The website is fully functioning now and finally paypal is working, click here to see the new updated site.

I have come across some cute baby converse booties which I am very excited about. As soon as I have figured how to pattern it all up and teach it in a couple of hours it will be added as a workshop for November.

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