Make & Do – Oven Mitts

I have always wanted to make some oven mitts myself. Its good quilting experience on a smaller scale and something I would use. 
Here is the Tutorial – if you like it  –
They were really easy to make – unfortunately I don’t have a step by step tutorial in photos but I will explain what I did below.
I taped some pages of A4 paper together to draw the template and just used the length of 1.5 – 2 pages for the middle part and then a page for each of the ends with the corners curved. 
** Remember to trace over the curved ends again as you need a layer on top of the edges for your hands to go through. **
Step One: 
Using the templates cut the following: 
– your fabric (back and front)
– your thin wadding
– insulate wadding / batting so that the mitts are heat resistant.
Step Two:
Lay the fabrics ready for sewing as follows:
Fabric right side face down
Insulate wadding with the silver side facing down (i.e. facing the fabric underneath it)
Layer of thin wadding
Fabric right side facing up
Pin all the layers together.
Do the same for the two hand edge pieces
Step Three:
If you are going to do some quilting now is the time to do it. I sewed horizontal and vertical lines at an angle to make the diamond shape you can see on my oven mitts.
Photo showing front and back side of my oven mitt hand piece – you can see the stitching quite well.
If you prefer to not do any quilting then sew along the edge to secure it all in place so it doesn’t move around when you put the bias edging on.
Step Five:
Sew the hand pieces to each end of the oven mitt. I just machine stitched this in place very quickly made attaching bias binding less fiddly.
Now I just tried to wing it when attaching the bias but really I need shouldn’t have I thought there was nothing to it but after doing some reading there are a few tips and techniques I would have benefitted knowing about so I found a good little tutorial here – read this if you have never attached bias binding.   
Step Four:
Sew on the bias edging.
And you are done! Enjoy using your oven mitts.


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