Mini Gold Foil Balloons

How to make mini gold foil balloons DIY

All you need is a glue gun, some cotton wool pads and gold foil paper. Have a look at our quick video here below:

And don’t forget you can also check out the full tutorial on A Joyful Riot here or just follow my abridged version below…

Roll your cotton wool pads and glue them down (using square pads is easier but if you only have round ones after you’ve rolled them then just cut the edge so its that its completely straight). This what they will look like

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You then need to glue them into the letter you want to make straight onto the foil. It can help if you draw the letter onto the foil and then stick it on but I found it pretty easy to just stick the letters straight on.

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The next bit I didn’t photograph very well, but you need to cut a square or shape slightly larger than the letter you have stuck down, to stick over your cotton wool letter. With the glue gun I just traced the letter (I did half the letter at a time) and then stuck the top sheet of foil straight on, and they turned out like this:

Craft Workshops and Crafty Hen Parties

Then as you probably guessed it you just simply cut around the foil letters and then have loads of fun with your mini foil balloons. I am planning on adding to my alphabet this weekend. I made a whole bunch of rolled cotton pads but I ran out of foil. They really take no time at all. A quick and easy craft. I hope you had a fun time making your own. What letters or words would you make? Please tag us #teaandcrafting so we can see you crafty work!


Craft Workshops and Crafty Hen Parties


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