Mother’s Day Crafting with Homebase

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me posting about a mysterious ‘filming day’ that I had back in early February, but unfortunately, I couldn’t say much more at the time. Well now I can! I was filming a series of four homemade ideas for Homebase all centred around Mother’s Day (#HomebaseMothers), which was SO much fun.

My brief was to come up with four different gift ideas that could be handcrafted for less than £15 from products in store; focusing on gifts that the whole family could get involved with and make, these definitely won’t break the bank.

I was limited to only four projects, but honestly, I could have given them ten! The challenge was incredibly creative, and once the first few ideas started to surface, tens more followed, making it very difficult to stick to the brief. I was so inspired running around Homebase, asking loads of questions, picking up items and working out what I was going to make, the team members probably thought I was a little mad, but they were extremely helpful and patient!

As this was a homemade Mother’s Day project, I wanted to use as many home improvement products as I could because you really can craft from anything. As you can buy strong wood glue these days, I was mega keen to come up with a fun, safe wood based project that even the little ones could help with (no hammer and nails needed). As well as the more beefy home improvement products, I was actually surprised to see that Homebase sell loads of crafty stuff as well, and they even have a Hobbies & Crafts section on their website which you can check out here.

With tiles costing just 16p this was one budget that was easy to stick to. Alongside the many special offers on display, the full priced items were incredible value too, and I even got some products for my own craft stash such as a pack of 5 paintbrushes for only £1.95 because I liked using them so much. You may think that at this price, the quality would be compromised, but think again! These paintbrushes went through a lot as I continually used the same brushes for each of my trial runs (I did about 4 for each so 16 in total), rinsing them in between uses and letting them dry, and they are still like new.

So, by now you’re probably wondering what I managed to make for under £15. Well I can’t give too much away until the video is published on Monday 13th March on Homebase’s website. BUT I can say that one of the items I’m demonstrating over the weekend is very on trend at the moment and will make a great addition to any home, and the other is a very personalised gift that Mum will use probably 3 or 4 times a day. Stay tuned for more reveals we get closer to the date.

And finally just to let you all know that tomorrow Saturday 11th March, I will be in Birmingham demonstrating how to make two homemade Mothers Day gift and on Sunday 12th March I will be doing the same in the O2 Finchley Store. Our London workshop is open to the public so if you need to pop out to Homebase over the weekend then come along between 11am and 12 noon and join in the workshop for some crafty fun! Spaces are limited so make sure you get your place. Homebase are putting this event on for free, all materials provided and you will leave with a free gift too! I really would love to see you there and can’t wait to share my makes with you! And don’t forget the video as will be released on Monday so check out the Homebase website for more information! If you’ve used any home improvement products for crafting do let me know below I would love to hear your clever crafting hacks!









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