My Wedding – Some Photos

Many of you have asked me to put some photos up so here goes . . . a few photos from the day.
As many of you know I got married in Portugal, early July. 
This is me getting ready with my bridesmaids and that’s my mom in the pink.  
Don’t they look gorgeous?
I adore my dress!
We wrote our own ceremony and read vows to each other. Kind of made it without crying just a few tears only

Gavin’s sister read “The Art of Marriage”

Mr & Mrs! Woo hoo!
Gavin proposed with a Haribo ring … hence the name of this table! 
Such a poser ha ha!
I know – as soon as we saw that the venue had a smoke machine we were sold!

Our first dance – we did a routine to “Can’t take my eyes off you” by Andy Williams. I was quite nervous and didn’t want to do it on the day but now that we did I am so pleased. We got loads of comments and cheering and did it again at the end of the night. It may have been a little cheesy but hey it was our night and we had a ball doing it. See the dance here:

In Portugal the throwing of the bouquet is done a little differently … all the single girls stand in a circle around you, the bride in blindfolded, and the girls danced around the bride. Then the music stops and the bride walks forward ahead of her and hands the bouquet to the person in front. Jo was very happy to get the bouquet! Ha ha ha. 

Really like this photo
Well that is it … the wedding finished at 4am. I got to the hotel at 4.30am so made it till the end! I had the best day of my life and would do it all over again. I didn’t want to take my dress off I absolutely loved it and hope I can get away with wearing it again one day (maybe without the train!).

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