No Sew Tambourine Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery Hoops Tambourine

Tambourines DIY using Embroidery Hoops

Make Music in 2 Minutes

You will need: 
1 x Embroidery hoop any size I used 4″ hoops
Fabric strips or bias binding
Glue Gun
Needle and thread (for the sewing option)

How To – No Sew Option: 

1. Wrap one part of the embroidery hoop in the fabric strips. If using the outer part of the hoop then with some pliers you can remove the excess metal by bending it backwards and forwards until is snaps off.

2. Use a glue gun to secure the end in place.

3. Tie some thick nylon thread to the hoop, and then thread a bell and wind the nylon around the hoop keeping it taut so that there is no slack. Repeat this process until all the bells are on the hoop and tie the end onto the hoop.

4. You’re now ready to make some music.

How To – The Sew Option (more secure for kids): 

1. Same as above except for Stage 3 use a needle to thread and sew the bell into place securely going through the hole twice to make sure it doesn’t come off.

2. Sew the ends tight and knot off.


I saw some lovely lace tambourines on Pinterest here made for a wedding, but you could also use some Liberty fabric to fill the centre instead of lace?

For Christmas you can use red, green and white fabrics and make smaller ones as decorations?

Do you know of any other quick and easy embroidery hoop crafts?

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