Round up of my Top Six Craft Sites

I am always asked in my workshops to recommend some good websites to do with crafting. I have spent hours on the internet finding new sites as well as speaking to many like minded crafty people who give me their favourites too. So hear are my

SixCheap Knitting Patterns this link will take you straight to the section of FREE knitting patterns (crochet and knitting) mainly designed with beginners in mind. 

FiveEtsy a place to sell and buy unique and beautiful homemade crafts. An online market place with crafting style. 

FourAmazon for great value on the books I recommend to students. Jan Eaton’s titles for crochet books (200 Crochet Blocks and Compendium of Crochet) she has many others and her books are very visual and detailed, a fantastic author for all books on crochet. For knitting you cannot get better than this simple well explained book Compendium of Knitting Techniques. There isn’t much that is not covered in this book.   

ThreeCraft Blogzine a blog updated daily by different craftsters from around the world. Great for inspiration and ideas. A refreshing blog with videos for some of the projects. 

Two – A very close favourite to my Top One is Lionbrand. One of the most functional and informative FREE websites I have come across. You can search by project, by skill level or by the particular item (baby, child, home, dolls etc) you want to knit or crochet. Best of all you can order all the yarn and needles to complete each project.

One  – Ravelry takes the crochet and knitting hobby to a new level with this online community where you can post messages, get advice, search for patterns for free or a reasonable charge and also share your projects and see other projects that are “work in progress” or completed. Have a ball of wool and don’t know what to do with it, you will be hard pressed not to find a pattern or idea to use on this site. Get yourself a cuppa and visit their website now! Tea & Crafting also have a group page of there so join our group for upcoming patterns and forums for free.

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