Sales of Wool Soar

An article today in the Daily Mail stated that knitting wool sales have soared due to the recession and people adopting a “make-it-yourself” attitude. Celebrities like Geri Halliwell and Kimberly Stewart are huge fans of the knit. Sadly I do not look anything like Geri Halliwell when I am knitting (come to think of it do any of us kint in a bikini?), I have normally got on some leggings and big jumper and am sitting on the sofa with something interesting on the TV, and right now every spare moment I have I am trying to finish the scarf for my other half.
Monday sees a Beginners Knitting Workshop at Tea & Crafting, I am really looking forward to it – knitting is a very therapeutic and relaxing craft and nowadays its rare to learn these skills from our mothers or grandmothers, so I hope this generation will be the generation to pass down various crafts to their children and their grandchildren.
Quite interestingly I came across the World Record for knitting with the largest knitting needles. The current holder of this record is Julia Hopson, of Penzance in Cornwall. Julia knitted a tension square of ten stitches and ten rows in stocking stitch using knitting needles that were 6.5cm in diameter and 3.5 meters long. How she did it I don’t know. I had to cut some bamboo knitting needles over the weekend simply because they were too long for me and I kept hitting my other half with my elbows on the train when I was trying to knit his scarf (and he was trying to sleep).
If you fancy learning how to knit book yourself on one of these knitting workshops:
November Knitting Workshops:
Saturday 7th Nov – Beginners Knitting Workshop
December Knitting Workshop:
Saturday 5th Dec – Beginners Knitting Workshop

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