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If you’re a coffee or tea lover (well actually if you’re a lover of anything warm to drink) then keep reading to learn how make yourself a DIY coffee sleeve. Ditch those brown cardboard take away sleeves and keep your own coffee sleeve handy to use instead. They’re prettier and better for the environment too!

How to sew DIY Coffee Sleeves

To make these super simple coffee sleeves you need:

Approx 25cm of 5mm Ribbon

Insulated batting- I like to use Isul-Bright available from most online haberdasheries or eBay.

Fabric – think old clothes (I used a pillow case for mine in the studio and the ones you see in the photo)

And our template download here. Make sure you print it 100% to scale

How to Sew your Coffee Sleeve

  • Cut your fabric using our template. Remember you must print it 100% to scale. Cut your inside and outer layer and one layer of insulate. I used a plain fabric for the inside of the coffee sleeve as its not visible when wrapped over the coffee cup.
  • Cut your ribbon piece in half
  • Stack the pieces of fabric on top of each other in this order: insulate, inside fabric layer, a piece of ribbon on each side coming towards each other to the middle of the fabric and then the final layer which is the outside layer of fabric making sure this final layer is wrong side facing upwards i.e. the right side of the fabric is placed face down. See the photo below.

How to sew DIY Coffee Sleeves

  • Using a 5mm seam allowance sew along the edge of the coffee sleeve leaving a 5cm opening on one of the sides. Backstitch over the ribbon to secure it.

How to sew DIY Coffee Sleeves

  • If you have pinking shears to hand then cut around the edge (although this isn’t necessary). If you don’t have any then it may help if you cut some darts or small triangles out of the edges around the curves to help the fabric lie flat once you’ve turned it inside out.

How to sew DIY Coffee Sleeves

  • Turn it inside out, lay flat and press. Where you have your opening, fold in, and crease the edge with your nail.
  • Then stitch all the way around once more without leaving an opening this time and your top stitch should seam the original opening close; saving you the trouble to hand stitch yay!  
  • And there you have it a cute little coffee sleeve. You can change the tie up so its got a button tie for example. Just sew a button on one side and use elastic or jute on the other like this:

How to sew DIY Coffee Sleeves

You can use them over mugs too! Have fun making your coffee sleeves and do tag us @teaandcrafting on our social media platforms and show us what you have made.

How to sew DIY Coffee Sleeves

. . . . and small enough to carry in your bag!

How to sew DIY Coffee Sleeves

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