Stained Glass Effect Window Hangers

I did this activity with my 28 month old little boy yesterday morning. It was raining and we couldn’t get out to our usual singing and dancing group so we crafted instead. It was messy, it was colourful, it was very sticky and it was fun!! Lots of it.

To make these stained glass effect paper window hangers you will need:
* Craft glue
* A few sheets of different coloured cellophane cut into small squares or sweet wrappers would work too
* Black card
* Scissors
* Tissue paper, I used white so strengthen the colour of the cellophane

The photos speak for themselves with some basic step by step on the image. Hopefully you can follow along if not just leave a comment and I’ll answer all questions. PS if the text is a little blurry on the image, click on the image to see the full size version and it will sharpen up.

Happy crafting!

PS – clicking on the image opens it up so the text is much clearer.

Christmas Stained Glass Effect Ornament  - Crafting with Kids

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