Started my Craft-mas Presents . . .

I really am all about practicing what I preach and I am making all my Christmas presents this year! Like I say on my website, sign up for a workshop and craft your way through Christmas. . . . . and that is exactly what I am doing, but there are SO MANY things I want to make!

My first craft-mas present is this scarf! I just do not seem to be getting very far with it. Need to plough on as it is getting colder out there and this won’t be the only item I will be knitting this winter.

One craft-mas gift I have finished and adore is this lovely beaded ring. The person this is for will love it – it is so her! I won’t mention any names just in case they happen to read this. I made this ring with silver wire and beads so simple. It’s really easy to get carried away though with the beading – be careful because you could end up with a large dome on your hand.

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