Tea & Crafting is 3 Today

How to make mini gold foil balloons DIYCake, presents and an excuse to have a bit of fun, what’s not to love about birthdays? And here at Tea and Crafting today is a very special one, as on the 10th May three years ago, SLIGHLTY worried about what I gotten myself committed too, I picked up the keys to my unit in Camden. This is the post I put on Instagram that morning whilst sitting in the studio waiting for the tables to arrive.

Tea & Crafting Camden Craft Classes

This was an absolute dream come true for me and I’ve loved every second of my time here, especially meeting all of you lovely people and filling it with crafts and laughter over the years. I’ve had so much fun decorating my studio; I really can’t believe how much it has changed since I moved in! Its also given me so many opportunities, I have collaborated with The LuckyDip Club, hosted a few blogger events for Huggies in here, welcomed the wonderful Tamara Melvin who ran a few workshops (one of the finalists of the Great British Sewing Bee), had a “photostock photoshoot” for Corbis (now Getty) in here, had the venue scouted for an episode of Made in Chelsea (it was too small of course!) and welcomed many mummies-to-be and wives-to-be to be through the doors and …. not to mention so many crafters whom we have taught a new skill too. Without you this wouldn’t be possible and without the talented and fun teachers who teach you all this wouldn’t be possible either. So THANK YOU for helping me keep my dream alive.

Craft Workshops and Crafty Hen Parties

Craft Workshops and Crafty Hen Parties

Craft Workshops and Crafty Hen Parties

In celebration of our 3rd birthday, I’ve been making these DIY mylar balloons which are so easy and unique, and add a real special touch to any occasion especially as party favours or decorations. I’ve been using A Joyful Riot’s tutorial and the results are quite addictive, and I mean addictive. I wanted to make every letter of the alphabet and if I had more time I would have done too. I have put together my own tutorial here.

Craft Workshops and Crafty Hen PartiesHOORAY


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