Tea Towel Cushion Cover

Years ago this lovely tea towel came free with Red magazine. I loved the print and could never use it as a tea towel so stashed it away knowing I would do something with it. Ideas I had for it was to use the centre for a patchwork quilt (log cabin style), a large bag, a cushion cover, a set of potholders that when put next to each other made up the design of the tea towel. 
This is the tea towel – gorgeous right?
The cushion I had wasn’t big enough to fit the entire design so I cut off the “EASY” part (there will be a use for it years to come I am sure of that too of course). Then cut two squares of backing fabric and folded a third of the fabric in for the envelope cushion method. I used this method to make the cushion cover as its eliminates the need for zips! Bonus. There are lots of tutorials on the internet for this if you are interested in making one yourself. I make all my cushions this way as its quick and so easy.  

This is what the back of the envelope cushion looks like. 

And this is the finished item – I love it! Lovely and bright for the house. 

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