Tutorial| Beginners Patchwork Blanket Project

Beginners Knitting Patchwork Blanket
(thank you Jo Crawford for this image you took)

So many students in our beginner knitting workshops really like my Beginners Knitted Blanket Project and so I am sharing the very easy pattern with you here.

For this blanket I knitted a total of 63 squares (it is quite a big blanket). If you want to make this blanket for a baby then I suggest you knit around 30 squares only. Mine was a combination of dark pink and cream. Each square measures 10cm x 10m.

I used a 4 ply yarn (Double Knit yarn) that was machine washable and suitable for tumble dry. Sirdar do some great value yarns that knit to a decent quality without breaking the bank.

Using size 4mm needles cast on 22 stitches and knit 28 rows of garter stitch. Cast off.

Repeat this for approximately 63 squares or for however big you want your blanket to be.

Then sew the squares together (alternative colours) using mattress stitch. Even though I just used garter stitch for my squares, mattress stitch still worked out well.

And that is all there really is to it.


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