Wanna piece of my cake?

Last year I went to the Hobbycrafts Craft Show and Cake International show in Birmingham with my mom (yes this is a very delayed post!). We tend to go together every couple of years and its just our thing, my mom loves to paint and love any craft that requires yarn or thread. We’re a great mom and daughter team at the fair. I was dissapointed with the craft fair. It really was just same old same old, no clever little craft gadgets that make you have an internal 30 minute “should I shouldn’t I” mono-dialogue in your head, or new crafts that you just HAVE TO LEARN! There were a few reasons for this . . probably the recession so not many of independent, smaller craft entrepreneurs / family run businesses could not afford to exhibit  (a couple of years ago for example I got this amazing ribbon cutter gadget, went totally louca over it, if you love to wrap presents as a work of art get this or just if you want presents to look professionally wrapped in 2 minutes). So just as my mom and I were about to leave we get free tickets to Cake International. Normally cake isn’t my thing unless its put in front of me to eat, but given that they were free, we had plenty of time left in the day still we popped inside and BOY DID I EVER UNDER ESTIMATE the craft of making cakes. Wow I was truly bowled over. Having not bought anything in the craft fair I bought a beautiful cupcake stand here ready for Tea & Crafting hen parties in the summer. I thought I would share with you first my all time favourite cake – a combination of cake and knitting (how much work must have gone into this):


Some Others (photo quality not that great sorry)


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