Our Top 5 DIYs for Mother's Day

With Mother's day fast approaching here in the UK, we thought we'd help you out a bit and round up some of our favourite and simple quick crafts that make perfect gifts to spoil your Mum with. After all, if anyone is going to love your handmade items it's going to be your Mum right? So here it is; our top 5 Mother's day crafts.

1. Handmade cards. These are a really simple way to show your Mum how special she is. I always like to find a different way to decorate them. So sometimes I crochet flat shapes and glue them on, or I find some really pretty vintage buttons and arrange them in a nice way and glue them on, or sometimes I even stitch a message onto the card. They have all been a big hit with my Mum - and she's been getting handmade cards since I learnt what a glue stick was! 

2. Pressed flowers is Maddie's favourite as a little girl. These are such a simple and beautiful craft. All you need to do is pick some of your Mum's favourite flowers, place them in between the pages of a heavy book, wait a couple of weeks and then place into a double sided glass frame! There is a great DIY you can follow over here

3. Also I think these super cute air dry clay plates would be great for Mother's day, kids (or adults) of any age can get involved and make mum a trinket little dish, you can never have too many little dishes right? We've got about 25 air dry plates ready to be painted now. It's a craft I love and am in the process of making them for the studio. I'll reveal what for in a couple of weeks. 

4. As we all know, handmade gifts take time, which is a real luxury to some of us. So why not decorate the wrapping? This is such a simple way to give a little handmade love and the options are endless.  

5. If all else fails come to one of our fun crafty workshops in Covent Garden and make your Mum something just in time to give to her on the 31st March. We have classes ranging from Arm Knitting, Bargello Embroidery, Lino Printing and Calligraphy all in March. We also have a lovely Beginners Watercolour workshop running on the 21st March 7pm - why not frame the blossom painting and gift it?

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