Beginners Crochet - Crochet a Coaster

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We.LOVE.Crochet. In fact the entire Tea & Crafting team have picked up their hooks during all three lockdowns and none of us have any plans to stop. We're never stop thinking of ways we can teach crochet to beginners whilst crocheting up some cute and useful projects too that are always good enough to give away but you'll always want to keep them for yourself!

This class will teach you how to crochet and use those skills to crochet a perfect coaster. This is an extremely beginner friendly craft. You will also master how to hold that hook and transform a long piece of rope into this trendy coaster! 
Complete beginners & improvers who would like to learn a new technique or just make something quick and easy! 

What Do I Receive:
  • A crochet hook
  • Sustainable and sourced in the UK rope to make 2 coasters
  • A tapestry needle to weave in those ends
  • Pattern and stitch guide with photographic instructions
  • If you are very keen for a specific colour do let us know when you book so we can try our best to put that colour in your kit. The colours are based on the product images