Beginners Knitting - How to Knit a Blanket

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About This Class:
Learning how to knit can be a rewarding and relaxing craft and it's a skill that allows you to create cosy blankets and other warm, handmade items. Many of us have fond memories of owning or cuddling up in a knitted blanket made by a loved one. But have you ever thought about creating your very own knitted masterpiece? Well our job is to guide you on your knitting journey and we absolutely love doing just that. We've had the privilege of teaching hundreds of people how to knit, and we'd love for you too, to join our knitting club!

In this relaxed workshop you'll learn how to knit the plain stitch also known as garter stitch (one of the building blocks of all knitting patterns), and how to cast on and cast off (skills essential for any knitting project) and and how to sew knitted items together.

By the end of the class you'll be able to knit squares which you can sew together to make one big blanket if you wish. This is our most pinned workshop and we are so excited to teach you this easy way of how to knit a blanket as large or small as you like. Whatever size you require - the method of knitting is the same. No complicated maths or thinking needed! Our kind of project indeed.
Complete Beginners

2.5 hours

Do I Need to Bring Anything:
No, all the yarn and needles to use in the class for your knitting is provided and give to you to keep. We also give you lots of advice and recommendations on the best yarn to knit your blanket in and where you can buy it.

All our workshops include unlimited tea, coffee and we always have plenty of cake on offer at every workshop and vegan friendly biscuits. If you require gluten free sweet treats please let us know! 

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Surprised how quickly I picked it up!

I went to the beginners knitting class and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was pleased with how quickly I picked up knitting.