Beginners Knitting Class - Knitted Easter Bunnies with a Chocolate Egg

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If you haven't already realised it, knitting is one of our top crafts here at Tea and Crafting and now we are bringing it to you with a cute twist for Easter! During this session you will learn how to cast on, cast off, how to knit and make this cute knitted bunny. 

You will get everything you need to make this bunny!

After our knitting session you'll feel like a pro; you’ll have learned all the basics you need for knitting and you'll have a new hobby to enjoy.

Complete Beginners

2 hours

What Will I Get:
  • A pair of our newest and cutest sustainable bamboo knitting needles with polka dot tips
  • Yarn for your bunny
  • A Cadbury's Creme Egg to put inside your bunny's belly
  • Darning needle to sew up your bunny
  • Squishy soft stuffing for your bunny
  • Tea and cupcakes to enjoy while you craft, because we are Tea and Crafting after all