Felt Christmas Wreath

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At Tea & Crafting we love things that last and this wreathe will see you through many Christmases to come. Give your guests a warm welcome to your home and proudly hang this handmade wreathe on your door (or anywhere inside your home!).

Learning a few felt flower making techniques, Anjie will take your through the basics of the flowers and help you create your very own festive wreath. Absolutely no crafty skills are needed, if you can use scissors you will be well on your way to making these gorgeous festive wreathes. Once you have learnt the basics of wreathe making you can then go on to make spring and summer wreathes and even floral felt crowns. If you would like to do one of these workshops then just check the dates below for those ones next year.

Level: Complete Beginner
Duration: 2.5 hours
Includes: All the materials you will need to make your wreathe