Beginners Brush Lettering Calligraphy - Christmas Edition

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About This Class: Our Christmas edition workshop is designed to inspire and empower you to craft personalised treasures this festive holiday season. You'll start the class by mastering the art of brush calligraphy learning how to draw the different strokes with precision which when we put them all together adds to the beautiful writing of brush calligraphy you see everywhere. 

You will make personalised crackers, cards and name tags for gifts! Plus you'll take home all the tools to create more personalised gifts. 

Research has shown that a personalised gift, even as simple as monogrammed item, evokes stronger feelings of appreciation and sentimentality compared to generic gifts, so get creating this year your friends and family will undoubtedly hold you closer to their hearts ❤️.
2 hours
What Do I Need:
No need to bring anything - here is what you get:
  • Complete beginners 29 page workbook (printed) 
  • 2 Pens
  • Tracing paper 
  • Rhodia Dot paper 
  • Blank Stationery - 2 greeting cards & envelopes and 4 gift tags
  • Blank Christmas crackers so you can personalise
  • Personalised bag and
  • Personalised place card