Beginners Crochet - Crochet your own Winter Headband

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Another great beginner friendly project if you have never crocheted before! Learn how to crochet with Tea and Crafting and at the same time, crochet your own Winter Headband. These headbands are perfect for those days where it's not quite cold enough for a super chunky hat, but you can still feel a chill in the air (plus you can keep your hair in a ponytail all day long!)

After our crochet session you'll feel like a pro; you’ll have learned some crochet basics that will more than put you in good stead for your new found crochet hobby, and then we will show you how to sew together your headband so it has that perfect twist right at the front. 

Complete Beginners


2 hours

- Some super soft wool 
- Your crochet hook
- A tapestry needle
- Your handout and pattern

Tea, coffee and cupcakes to enjoy while you craft!