IN PERSON Learn Tunisian Crochet - Beyond Beginners Crochet

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About This Class:

Tunisian crochet is something that is so beautiful yet a technique that most crocheters haven't attempted. It's a cross between knitting and crochet and really is a genius little crafty invention.

So if you know how to crochet then why not learn?

If you already know your chains from your single crochet and are looking for a little bit of a challenge then this workshop is perfect for you. During this workshop you'll make a sampler Tunisian crochet square with three different stitches on; simple stitch, knit stitch and net stitch. You'll use gorgeous cotton yarn for your sampler, so don't let it go to the back of your craft cupboard, use it as a face cloth or dish cloth after you are done! We will send you everything you need for this craft, including a lovely Tunisian crochet hook (think of a long knitting needle with the crochet hook at the end) and some high quality cotton yarn!

Those who already know how to crochet. You can always try our Beginner Tunisian Crochet workshop here if you have never crocheted before. 
1.5 hours
What Do I Get When I Book:
You will get a Tunisian crochet hook to keep and cotton yarn as well as lots of useful information.

Please note that we may not be able to give you the same colour yarn that is in the product pictures.