ONLINE Beginners Bargello Needlepoint Embroidery

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You may recognise this type of embroidery from your Grandma's home in the 60s, but now it is back! Well, actually it never really left. Bargello is a truly unique form of embroidery as there are both specific stitches and patterns required to make Bargello, Bargello.

During this Bargello online class you will be introduced to the typical 'Vertical' stitch used throughout all Bargello, and then you'll get your head around the geometric patterns which are also characteristic of Bargello. You'll be stitching in no time with all your virtual class attendees. Bargello can be used on normal fabric-like needlepoint fabric but we're using sturdy plastic canvas so that you can turn your Bargello design into a plant pot or if you prefer you can have 4 individual coasters!  

1 hour
Colourway Choices:
Zinnia - Blues and Mustard
Solar - Red, Goldy Mustard, Teal and Sage
What will I receive in my kit:
  • 4 pre-measured and cut plastic canvases
  • Wool in your colour-way choice
  • Bargello needle
  • Printed Pattern of your choice
  • A cute drawstring bag to keep all your kit supplies tidy
  • Teapigs Tea Bag because we are Tea and Crafting after all!

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Brilliant Workshop

Thank you so so much for an absolutely brilliant workshop! Your instructions were super clear and you made it all so relaxed and fun. I totally loved it and am very proud of my progress, especially as I’ve never done anything like this before online.

Maddie was delighted with the feedback - thanks so much Natasha and happy Bargello'ing! Its really such a relaxing hobby and so portable too! Enjoy x