ONLINE Beyond Beginner - Learn Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet

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If you want a gift that you know will stand the test of time, go for a heart-warming blanket. As soon as the recipient carries out the ‘face test’ (yes, the scientific act of grabbing the blanket and rubbing it across their face) they’ll be attached and cherish it for years, even if it get’s dog-eared along the way.This blanket is worked in a diagonal crochet stitch starting at one corner and finishing at the other (hence its name "corner to corner crochet").

This technique of crochet is also called C2C crochet. It's a fun and easy way of incorporating pictures into a blanket too.

This C2C method is becoming really popular for crocheting as you can crochet cute images such as these and this one here. This also makes a lovely baby blanket and they crochet up very quickly. So join us for our online workshop and master this addictive stitch!
Improvers - you must be able to crochet comfortably. 
2 hours
What Do I Receive in the Kit:

You will need to have a crochet hook and wool for the class, OR you can pick the kit option and we will send you everything you need to start this addictive crochet stitch - this includes a crochet hook and wool so you don't need to go out and get this.

Whichever option you go for you will also receive a digital download of the handout as well as a recording of the class available for the next 30 days. Please note that we may not be able to give you the colour yarns that are in the product pictures. But if you are very keen for a specific colour do let us know and we can try our best!