ONLINE Learn to Crochet - A Crochet Hat with Pom Pom

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Crochet yourself a new cozy hat! Make like the London fashion pack and sport your own bespoke crochet hat creation. If you're looking for a modern approach to crochet we suggest creating a stylish pom pom for your crochet hat. You may not finish the hat by the end of the class but you will be well on your way to completing it at home. Learn all the basics you'll need to get hooked on this craft! We break it down to its simplest form so you can leave with a new hobby under your belt.

Are you left handed? Don’t worry we’ve taught hundreds of left handers how to crochet!

2 hours
Do I Need to Bring Anything:
No, a full crochet hat kit that includes enough yarn to make the hat, crochet hook, stitch marker and pattern is sent to your home in time for the workshop.