ONLINE Origami Christmas Baubles

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About This Class:
Are you looking to amp up your Christmas decorations this year? Well look no further than our online Origami bauble class! This was one of our most requested private group workshop activity last year and we're now hosting it online to everyone. During this class you'll learn how to make one of these stunning baubles - all from a simple piece of paper, but you'll receive enough materials to make an incredible set of six baubles that will look good on any tree.

With every mindful fold you will learn more about the history of origami as well as feel the meditative effects that this craft has on you. Then towards the end of the session you'll learn how to add all the final touches to transform this from a simple piece of paper into a bauble fit enough for display this festive season! 

Suitable for all levels

2 hours 

Do I Need to Bring Anything to the Class:

You will only need to have to hand a pair of scissors 2 hours 

What will the Kit Include: 
- High quality origami paper to make 6 baubles
- Ribbon hang them up 
- Ruler to give you the neatest of creases
- Paper creasing tool
- Tape to secure the ends