ONLINE Bespoke Lampshade Making

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About This Class:

Literally light up a room with this fun and virtual online workshop. Make a bespoke and unique Lampshade or ceiling Pendant light in this online workshop. You will learn all the tips and tricks how to beautifully construct an extremely professional looking lampshade from scratch to either hang from a ceiling or attach to a base. 

Design and make your own lampshade to match your upholstery, wallpaper, curtains or room theme and literally light up a room with this fun virtual workshop.

This workshop is fantastic if you have vintage or old lamp bases that you cannot part with and wish to spark a lease of life into them or if you want to add that personal touch to any room. Learn how to make a bespoke lampshade. We will supply the wire base and drums and all the other bits you need and you supply the fabric (fabric should measure a minimum of 820mm wide x 255 mm).

All levels
1 hours
What Do I Receive in my Kit:

We will send you a full lampshade kit to make a one of kind addition to your interiors that will include everything you need.

Your lampshade will measure 25cm (diameter) x 21cm (height) when its all made up. 

You will just need a pair of scissors and your chosen fabric. 
For ease, avoid directional prints but if you would like a directional print please bear in mind that the fabric will be used in a “landscape / horizontal” direction so if you have any prints make sure that they are the right way when laid across in this way. Fabric should be cotton (i.e. no stretchy fabric such as t-shirt material or heavy twill fabric).

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very professional result

This was fun. The end result was a really smart lampshade made out of my left over curtain material. Looks great