ONLINE Block Print your own Holiday and Christmas Cards!

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About This Class:

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah this workshop is a special online experience that will teach you how to make your own full set of block printed cards! You will create your own printing block (re-usable for years to come) and we'll give you guidance on repeating patterns and what designs work well but you can choose to design anything you like. Then we'll get printing and turn plain cards into stunning works of art. Block printing has been practised for hundreds of years and our tutor will make it easy for you to replicate this technique onto your own set of wrapping paper, cards and matching envelopes.

This really is a fantastic class where you learn skills that will really inspire you to get creative with printing and learn the art of repeat pattern design. 

1.5 hours
What do I get?
You will receive:

  • Everything you need to create a your own block - this will be re-usable for years to come
  • A set of blank cards and envelopes
  • Paint
  • A seasonal tea bag because what is crafting without a cup of tea right!

Price includes postage and packaging.